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Professional Medical Billing Group, Inc. (PMB Group) is a full-service, multi-specialty, medical billing and consulting company, providing a comprehensive range of financial management and practice solutions for physicians in private practice.

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PMB Group offers professional services that include full billing services, customized reporting, physician credentialing, and enrollment and all of our services are HIPAA compliant.

At Professional Medical Billing Group, Inc. we understand that the financial strength of your practice has a direct correlation to timely, accurate billing and account reimbursements. Many physicians have recently decided that now it is time to take a good look at the financial health of their practice. This is where we come in. PMB Group takes a consultative approach in analyzing your practice. We provide a thorough practice analysis and design solutions for a financially healthy practice.

Professional Medical Billing Group is personally committed to the success of our clients and we work to obtain full reimbursement for all provided patient care. Founded in 2001, our team of experts has over 50 years of experience in the healthcare industry including specialized medical billing, practice administration, healthcare IT services, EMR and practice management services, and financial management and consulting services.

Call us today at 734-641-9991 for more information or to begin ensuring the financial health of your medical practice.