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Medical Billing Greater Detroit MI

Offering a full suite of medical billing services to make your practice strong financially. Billing, reporting, collections, and more! 734-641-9991

We offer a range of services that are a complete solution for all your practice needs. Our suite of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Full Billing Services
  • Completely Customizable Reporting
  • Physician Credentialing and Enrollment
  • Practice Analysis
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Point-of-Service Charge Collection
  • CPA/Certified Professional Coder's (CPC) on Staff
    As state and federal healthcare requirements get more and more complex, it’s critical that physicians have access to a billing professional that can understand accounting, financial reporting, and regulatory requirements at an expert level. Equally important, is the ability for that professional to convey that complex information back to their clients in a clear and concise way. PMB Group’s on-staff CPA/CPC is skilled at helping clients navigate that maze with expert recommendations and advice.
  • MACRA and MIPS Proficient and Certified Through AAPC
  • Utilize accounting techniques to balance billing that ensures all services billed are billed with the correct codes and under the right provider
  • Complete Revenue Cycle Management Assistance
    This includes Charge Entry, Posting Payments, Patient Billing, Precollections, and all follow-up.
  • Monthly Financial Reviews
  • Patient Phone Support
  • Courier Service
  • IT Support
    We have on-site IT personnel to assist our clients with hardware and software issues.
  • FREE, No-Obligation Analysis

Professional Medical Billing Group’s philosophy is that physicians are entitled to equitable and timely payments for the services they provide. PMB Group is personally committed to the success of their clients and works to obtain full reimbursement for all patient care that is provided.

We have the skills and experience to offer clients information to run their practices more efficiently. By focusing on the small details, we ensure that claims and statements are well-prepared, clear, and submitted in a timely fashion. PMB Group provides follow-up on unpaid claims and provides compassionate attention to patients who have questions about their bill.

Whether you need a healthcare “consultant-on-call” or a total outsource of your billing function, Professional Medical Billing Group can alleviate your billing headaches with expert advice and superb customer service.

HIPAA compliant

HIPAA Compliance

Professional Medical Billing Group is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and continuously conducts training and testing of both new and existing employees. Their HIPPA Compliance Plan is available for review and is open to audit.

Our employees must have a thorough understanding of HIPPA rules and regulations and follow them without exception. Furthermore, we closely monitor and evaluate any changes/interpretations to HIPPA law and consults recognized HIPPA experts as needed. This ensures that their clients can count on accurate answers regarding their HIPPA compliance.